This gives you a sounding from the NWS upper air sites around the country. A comprehensive list for the US, Canada and Mexico is here. Please note that only stations in the Western Hemisphere will work. Also, if you get no sounding or an incomplete one, data may still be coming in. Try 30 minutes later if this is the case.

Step One: Choose Your Observation Time

NOTE! Normal observations are at 0Z or 12Z. In the event SPC issues special soundings, only those released will be available at 15Z, 18Z, or 21Z. Most if not all of these will be launched at 18Z. They will be available 30 minutes after they are above 300MB--IE, 18:30Z

Select One:

0Z 6Z 12Z 15Z 18Z 21Z

Step Two: Decide Data Output Format

Select One:

 Skew-T Diagram
 STUVE Diagram

Step Three: Decide On Upper Air RAOB Site

Click here for a list of international stations.

Please enter the 4 or 5 character upper air station ID:

Step Four: Decide Background Color

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